Multi-Peptide Hair Serum

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This Is a Treatment Product

Promotes Hair Growth – The combination of Procapil and caffeine in Multi-Peptide Hair Serum promotes hair growth straight from the roots. Caffeine causes the hair cells to produce ‘ATP’, an active ingredient that is produced naturally by the body. ATP is an ingredient that encourages and maintains hair growth. It also increases blood circulation, which promotes healthy hair follicles, resulting in faster new hair growth that is both stronger and healthier.

Treats Hair Loss – Procapil is a breakthrough ingredient that has two functions – reduce DHT and stop the hair follicle aging process. DHT is an androgen that causes hair follicles to miniature and leads to hair loss in both men & women. Procapil holds the hair cells together and prevents the effects of DHT. It also leads to the thickening of hair shafts and prevents hair loss.

Strengthens Hair – Both caffeine and Procapil increase blood circulation to the hair follicles, resulting in hair growth and strengthening & thickening existing hair. Caffeine also stimulates and strengthens hair roots right from the initial phases of hair growth.

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  1. Avatar Of Kumar Shekhar

    Kumar Shekhar

    Facing hereditary male pattern baldness in my family. My hair started falling quickly after I turned 30. It is when I decided to go for clinical treatment to stop the situation from getting worse. To my surprise, not only has my hair fall stopped, but this product helped in regrowth too. I’ve been using the regimen by The Derma Co. for over a month now and it has totally shown me positive results and I’m super happy. My hair is healthy like never before and there are no bald patches left. Thanks a lot for making this safe and no side effect product that’s approved by doctors!

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  2. Avatar Of Madhu Srivastava

    Madhu Srivastava

    As a woman working in the media, hair fall is a complete disaster for me! I started experiencing this after a year of having my first child and I wanted a treatment ASAP. I came across the multipeptide by The Derma Co., and started using it. It has been such a relief that only after 6 weeks my hair fall has stopped and new hair growth is happening. I’d suggest this to anyone who’s facing issues as I was and worry not as these products are safe to use, doctor-approved and have no side effects. This is fantastic and I’ll continue using it!

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  3. Avatar Of Rohit Singh

    Rohit Singh

    Some products are so good that you want to keep on using them and this is one of those products. Absolutely amazing and I don’t know why I didn’t find it earlier. I was suffering from mild alopecia and my hair fall was bad. I started balding from the top and it was time I went for a hair transplant. But I didn’t and started using this product as a trial. It’s been 8 weeks and the results are great! I’m happy I made the right decision because this is amazing, safe, doctor-approved and works great.

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  4. Avatar Of Nancy


    The new anti-hair fall range from The Derma Co. is a life-saver. It is doctor-approved with safe and hardworking ingredients like Procapil, Caffeine & Multi-Peptides. My hair fall reduced in 6 weeks without any side-effects.

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  5. Avatar Of Priyanka Rajpal

    Priyanka Rajpal

    I have been using The Derma Co. skincare range since long and after their hair fall care range gave me incredible results in just 6 weeks, they have earned my trust! The ingredients like 3% Procapil, Caffeine, Niacinamide & Multi-Peptides are safe, don’t dry out your hair & are also doctor-approved!

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  6. Avatar Of Vimal Gopalani

    Vimal Gopalani

    Being a working mom, gave me less time to make homemade oil treatments like my mom used to when we were kids. With the doctor-approved Derma Co. products, treating hair fall was made simple, easy & effective with hardworking ingredients like 3% Procapil, Caffeine & Multi-Peptides. It gave me results in just 8 weeks! The plus point is that there are no side effects.

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  7. Avatar Of Gunjan Dora

    Gunjan Dora

    I loved the skincare range from The Derma Co. so I completely trusted their haircare range and took the 8-week challenge to cure hair fall. It is incredible what ingredients like Bhringraj, Onion & Biotin can do for your hair in just 6 weeks. Wow results!

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  8. Avatar Of Anchal Mehta

    Anchal Mehta

    I used the newly launched anti-hair fall care range by The Derma Co. India. It is doctor-approved and contains clinically potent and hardworking ingredients like 3% Procapil, Caffeine & Multi-Peptides. It gave me visible results in 8 weeks!

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  9. Avatar Of Sakshi Goel

    Sakshi Goel

    I have been facing a lot of hair fall and hair damage problems due to everyday styling, but I recently got my hands on the doctor-approved multi-peptide serum & anti-hair fall shampoo by The Derma Co. India. It has gold standard ingredients like 3% Procapil, Caffeine & Peptides which reduced hair fall in 8 weeks! Try it today to get major relief!

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  10. Avatar Of Neha


    I desperately needed a solution for hair fall, so I went to The Derma Co. as their skincare range gave me positive results. The doctor-approved Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo & Multi-Peptide Hair Serum containing 3% Procapil, Caffeine & Niacinamide stopped my hair fall in 7 weeks! If you’re still looking, trust me, stop and get this today!

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